The Hydr8or is the first in a series of officially licensed sports souvenir products to be introduced by Crafticup, Inc. It is truly, not just another sports souvenir cup!!

The Hydr8or is the most originative squeeze bottle in the football souvenir market today. In a nutshell, it incorporates everything every football fan loves in a sophisticated, yet elegant design. The cap of the bottle is a miniature replica football helmet that is complete with your favorite team’s logo. The body is shaped like a football and decorated in your favorite team’s matching colors.

It is offered for hot and cold beverages. The football helmet cap on this revolutionary drink container has a flip-straw for cold drinks. Hot drinks are accessed using a twist off or swivel on a hinge opening system. Hence, by utilizing this one-of-a-kind, highly adaptive and visible product, fans can continue to promote their team spirit in the August heat or the December cold; and long after the game is over! The Hydr8tor allows fans to drink their favorite beverage, save money because it is reusable, and support their favorite sports team in a different and dynamic way!

No more pouring out! No more struggling to carry your jumbo-unfinished-expensive drinks in your vehicles! The Hydr8tor’s sleek handle design and contoured base is fashioned to fit any vehicle cup holder. Now you can take The Hydr8or, filled with the drink of your choice with you! The spill-proof flip straw allows fans to sip cold drinks anywhere without the risk of accidental spills. For hot drinks, the helmet can be twisted off or the flip-open mechanism can be deployed.

The Hydr8or is a Keepsake! The “Wow” effect will never wear off! Keep it at home, in your car or even on your desk at work. Show off your team proudly, and in style! Colleges, universities, professionals, high schools and even Pop-Warner team logos, can be emblazoned on the helmet and the outside body of The Hydr8tor.
The Hydr8tor is reusable, dishwasher and microwave safe.

How To Order The Hydr8or...

Simply choose your favorite teams Conference, then select your team. Enter the quantity you would like to order and checkout! It is that simple. If you do not see your team listed, please reach out to us and let us know you want your Hydr8or!!

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