Crafticup, Inc. launches a new innovative sports drink-ware in the United States

Crafticup Incorporated, a state of South Carolina chartered company, recently announced the introduction of a new and unique drink-ware called The Hydr8or. This exciting new product is available on the Crafticup, Inc. website: and will soon be available in major stores and sports arenas across the State and across the country.

The president of Crafticup, Inc., Mr. Kirian Obioha who is a long-time resident of Columbia South Carolina, has worked in various capacities; but tinkering with products with a view towards their improvement, led to this innovative drink-ware.

The Hydr8or is a football shaped drink-ware for both cold and hot beverages. It is a novelty concession item that can be purchased in sporting goods stores and other major retail outlets. It can also be purchased in concession stores at local football games. 
The Hydr8or is refillable, with a cap in the shape of a football helmet which can twist or swivel on a hinge to enable access to the hot or cold contents. The base of the Hydr8or is contoured to fit automobile cup holders.

“My goal in the next year is to make the Hydr8or available for sale at schools and colleges especially during sports activities, including Carolina and Clemson”, said Mr. Obioha. Further, Mr. Obioha continued: “The outside of the Hydr8or can be personalized and emblazoned with school logos and mascot – to show team identity and pride”.

Mr. Obioha is an avid Carolina Gamecocks fan and understands the need for fans to promote their team spirit long after the game is over. The Hydr8or offers this unique, highly adaptive and visible product!
During a recent product assessment focus group, one participant said: “This product is exciting and new; I cannot wait to get one and perhaps a few more as gifts for friends and family”.

The Crafitcup Company is pleased to offer this new product for sale on its websites and soon to stores and sports arenas near you. We are open for business and welcome inquiries on this new product.

For more information, please contact Mr. Kirian Obioha at: or telephone 800-370-2556.