At Crafticup, Inc., our values are significant commitments that govern our practices and drive our corporate culture. We take these values seriously as they guide our corporate activities.

As such, we at Crafticup promise to act with:

  • Integrity: To deal honestly with employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, and communities in which we serve. To adhere strictly to our corporate values of doing the right things instead of the expedient things;
  • Civility: To treat everyone courteously, with politeness, and to be in good disposition; 
  • Charity: To be mindful of the issues and challenges confronting those around us; to willingly pursue positive change whenever possible.
  • Honor: To ensure that our word as a corporation is always our bond; to be slow in making promises, but faithful in its execution.
  • Diligence: To be meticulous in operating our business; to be persistent in pursuing excellence even in sub-optimal circumstances.
  • Accountability: To be aware of how our actions affect people and environment and to take responsibility when those actions adversely affect people and/or our environment. 



How To Order The Hydr8tor...

Simply choose your favorite teams Conference, then select your team. Enter the quantity you would like to order and checkout! It is that simple. If you do not see your team listed, please reach out to us and let us know you want your Hydr8tor!!

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